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Still today, and unfortunately within our sciences, beliefs and conversations promote the rationalism that we are two entities: (1) the body – the physical us – and (2) the “me” – some separate being, independent entity, hidden in obscurity, where it resides unknown, controlling, manipulating “the body.” Unfortunately, due primarily to our lack of understanding of the brain, the “soul” is still alive and well and persists in our convictions.

Encouragingly, our understanding of how our organs function is coming to light at an accelerating pace. Neuroscientists and researchers are discovering the constructs and processes of our brain. Increasingly, we are discovering direct connections and associations between behavior and neuronal chemical/electrical structures.

From what we have learned, it is now sufficiently obvious and we must conclude and posit the “me” is not separate from the “body.” It is not some “spirit,” composed of its own, still mysteries matter or substance. It is nothing more than an accrued, over time, construction of neuronal networks – operating within the principles of chemical/electrical physics.

Beyond our natural physiology, all our emotions, feelings, beliefs, convictions, concepts, ideologies, morals, metaphysics, philosophies, logic, reasoning, rationalism, creativity, human drives, attitudes and reactions, are simply a construct of accrued impressions, which our brain accumulates, associates and stores and presents – seen as our behavior.

The reason this perspective is still overwhelmingly rejected by us, is that it threatens what we have been taught. This viewpoint requires a disassembly/destruction of current neuronal constructs which have been built over a given lifetime. It forces a discontinuity of our present body paradigm.

For example, once the Eifel Tower has been constructed, we cannot envision a different shape; it cannot self metamorphose its form and assembly. If we want to conceptualize a new structure (change our beliefs), the current tower (the brain, its neural networks, our current body paradigm) has to be deconstructed or destroyed and rebuilt. This process always meets resistance and requires energy and effort.

Nature and all things in our universe function on The Principle of Continuity – the current condition of any entity strives to remain as it is, or change according to natural processes.

Inevitably, discarding all our poetic visions of the world, descriptions of ourselves or deconstructing visions of our self proclaimed god-like stature within the universe and the value of humankind will not come easy – if ever. Written history amply documents this resistance.

But, accepting that all species or humankind are simply physics of a chemical/electrical construct does not and should neither dismiss the wonders of nature nor destroy our perceived value of ourselves or the importance of “us” or “me.” But we do need to relinquish archaic concepts and redefine what we are.

Having a realistic definition and view of who and what we are will be a gigantic step and primary advance in the “emotional” evolution of our species. But evolution is slow.

However, this perspective can bring us to a higher stage of emotional stability and offer a better sense of wellbeing. Let’s demonstrate how this outlook will affect and advance us.


(This Article is under development.)



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