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Our Sense of Wellbeing

The Origin and Meaning of Our Behavior



Understanding human behavior – what is it?

Inquires into questions about life – who are we?


Below are excerpts from the upcoming book, “Our Sense of Wellbeing – The Origin of Behavior.” These writings are not about final truth or reality, they are hypothesis which will hopefully untangle our antiquated, unbridled, helter-skelter intellectual inferences, and lead toward more logical discovery. These are propositions, not of how our cognitive systems work, but rather a search for and explanation of what drives human behavior and what our seemingly multivarious behaviors are the what and why


Table of Contents  

Conversation 1:  A Sense of Wellbeing

Conversation 2:  It Is Not What It Appears to Be

Conversation 3:  Defending Who We Are

Conversation 4:  It’s All About Nothing

Conversation 5:  Thinking, Reasoning, Intelligence

Conversation 6:  Free Will – The Great Illusion

Conversation 7:  The Delusion of Control

Conversation 8:  We Are Not Created Equal – Who You Can’t Be

Conversation 9:  Goblins, Souls, Gods & Other Nonsense

Conversation 10:  Curiosity & Interest – This Unknown Beast?

Conversation 11:  The Pursuit of Happiness – Chasing the Ludricous

Conversation 12:  The Meaning of Life – There Is No Meaning?

Conversation 13:  What Is Hope?

Conversation 14:  Junk Philosophy – Absurd Questions of Life

Conversation 15:  Emotions In Conflict – The Unstable Us

Conversation 16:  You Are Not Alone

Conversation 17:  The Greed of All – Our Best Human Quality

Conversation 18:  Selfishness & Selflessness – It's All the Same

Conversation 19:  Sadness & Depression – The Missing Links

Conversation 20:  The Peace of Suicide – Saving Ourselves, Forever

Conversation 21:  Look at Me!

Conversation 22:  We Disagree to Agree

Conversation 23:  Our World of Anger

Conversation 24:  Chasing Peace of Mind

Conversation 25:  What Is Threat? – Verbal, Fight or Flight

Conversation 26:  Breakfast, Murder & Wine – Equal Pleasures

Conversation 27:  The Easy and Stubborn – Emotional Self-Defense

Conversation 28:  Our Inspirations & Drives

Conversation 29:  Disappointment – Why Should I Care?

Conversation 30:  Why Are We Ambitious? – The Driven and Crazy

Conversation 31:  The Value of Things – Nothing

Conversation 32:  Love – Such a Simple Fantasy

Conversation 33:  Infidelity and Divorce

Conversation 34:  The Desire for Power – The Most Insecure of Us

Conversation 35:  Rape & Other Violence – A Sense of Well Being

Conversation 36:  Our Inherent Racism – Fearing the Different

Conversation 37:  The Homosexual –Angels & Devils Within Us

Conversation 38:  Of Violence & War – Our Misconceptions

Conversation 39:  Drug Abuse – How Sweet It Is

Conversation 40:  The Mystery of Anorexia – The Search for Security

Conversation 41:  Fantasy of Leadership – The Weak and Strong

Conversation 42:  I Love My Basil, I Love My Spouse – No Difference

Conversation 43:  Is That All There Is? – Killing The Ghosts


Note: Titles and content of articles may change. Topics, material and conclusions, as represented here, are in draft form and may be altered as the book is readied for publication.



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